"Karkyra" ballroom

Area: 219.7 sq.m.
Capacity: up to 246 pax
Seating: Theatre, auditory, rectangular, U-shaped, cabaret, gala
  • Two retractable ceiling projector
  • Two screens for projector
  • Informational service screen at the entrance
  • Four wireless microphone SHURE Beta 58A
  • One wireless head microphone SHURE PG1+PG88
  • Call center microphone SHURE  PG1+PG30
  • Clicker
  • Two microphone stands

“Karkyra”, our venue for celebrations - is a stunning place with a day light atrium for hosting wedding receptions, corporate functions or anniversaries.Our highly qualified team are happy to create a truly memorable event with the best cuisine and outstanding service, which will leave lasting memories to you and your guests.

"Aksai" meeting room

Area: 123 sq.m.
Capacity: up to 130 pax
Seating: Theatre, Round table, Islands
  • A retractable ceiling projector
  • A screen for projector
  • Two wireless microphones SHURE Beta 58A
  • One wireless head microphone SHURE PG1+PG88
  • Call center microphone SHURE PG1+PG30
  • Clicker
  • Two microphone stands

A perfectly designed stylish meeting room for compact events where to come together for new presentations or smaller cocktail receptions up to private dinners or luncheons

"Bosogo" board room

Area: 60 sq.m.
Capacity: 18 pax
Seating: Round table

LCD Monitor (Smart TV 85'' UHD 4K)

“Bosogo”, the board room with fascinating king size oval table accommodating 18 seats is designed for your high class business & board meetings. All meeting rooms are equipped with the newest cutting-edge technology.

for rent

  • ...
    Mixer Mackie DL1608

    16-channel digital audio mixer with control via iPad, 16 mic preamps the Onyx, ADC / DAC converte...

  • ...
    Mixer Behringer xi18

    BEHRINGER MX18 - portable digital mixer.

  • ...
    Call center Microphone SHURE PG30

    Comfortable and reliable fastening system.

  • ...
    Radio microphones Shure PG88

    Channel wireless system with 2 SHURE PG88 microphones combines pure sound quality and advanced fe...

  • ...
    Wireless Head Microphone SHURE PG1

    Shure PG1 wearable transmitter for wireless microphone systems Performance Gear series with a ran...

  • ...
    Wireless Microphone SHURE Beta 58A

    Durable, dynamic vocal Shure Beta 58A mic with super-cardioid direction.

  • ...
    Video projectors Panasonic PTEW540LE

    This is the perfect projector for presentations with a high degree of image detail, to play Blu-r...

  • ...
    85" UHD 4K flat Smart TV

    Rate the amazing clarity of the transmission components in the darkest areas of the image.


Catering service of the Orion Hotel Bishkek will serve your every action on the request, taking into account the declared size and direction - especially from private to public events. The catering service includes all outbound transport logistics for the delivery of the selected menu, service, florist services and music activities on request.


Address: 21 Erkindik Boulevard, 720040, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Tel.: +996 312 55 66 66


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